Crypto Exchange mcxNOW to Begin ‘Shredding’ Customer Wallets

The controversial altcoin exchange mcxNOW has just announced that it will be closing for maintenance November 15th to address problems with the exchange’s wallets. Today, a notice appeared on the company’s homepage saying that customers should withdrawal their coins before the deadline or risk losing them forever. All wallets here will be removed to make

California Man Has Computer Hacked Then Blames Crypto Exchange

California businessman and cryptocurrency trader, Skye Bonow, has decided to file suit against the world’s #1 altcoin exchange, Cryptsy, after having his own personal computer compromised. In court documents filed yesterday in the 15th Judicial Court of Florida, Silver Law Firm alleges that Cryptsy violated the state’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act by failing to Launches First Ever Bitcoin Branded Blackjack Game

Adding to their long list of 200+ HD bitcoin games, has just announced a new bitcoin blackjack table – the first of it’s kind in Bitcoin gaming. Seamless casino experience Players can bet from 1mBTC (roughly 40¢) up to 600mBTC (~$230), playing up to 5 hands at once. The software is built with state

Use Bitcoin to Remotely ‘Rain’ Physical Cash Down Onto Live Strippers

FLORIDA – Tampa based exotic strip club, 2001 Odyssey, is now offering its online customers the ability to remotely release physical cash down onto live strippers, as they dance on the main stage, using Bitcoin. “I think Tampa may be breaking new ground with this,” said Glen Gilmore, a consultant and digital marketing professor at

Confessions of an Undervalued Crypto Currency. (Or) This Shouldn’t Happen to a Doge!

As an experiment back in February 2014, I decided to live off of crypto for as long as I could. Phone, food and other minor necessities. Everything except rent, fuel and insurance for the car was covered. Food was easy, there are all kinds of gift cards for groceries and restaurants out there, via

Patrick Byrne: Cryptocurrency Will Be Bigger Than the Internet Itself

Yesterday, during an interview with Jason Burack, host of the YouTube program WallStForMainSt, CEO Patrick Byrne, predicted that within 7 to 8 years cryptocurrency would rock the very foundations of the World. During the YouTube Interview, the Indiana-born entrepreneur discusses a wide range of topics – from his fear of being “locked up” in

San Francisco Crypto Fans Happy and Gay After SnapCard Announcement

SnapCard hopes to convert San Francisco into the Crypto City by the Bay, as it brings two altcoins out of the closet and into plain sight with its massive 500 POS terminal giveaway, beginning next month. The digital currency payment provider has decided to give 500 merchants in the San Francisco area the equipment required

Elon Musk Understands Bitcoin’s Value Proposition

In a recent interview at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, Elon Musk was mainly asked about his work at Tesla and SpaceX; however, he was also asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin at one point during the discussion. Many people in the /r/Bitcoin community immediately took Musk’s comments as a sign that he hasn’t done

BitPay Asks for Help in Saving Bitcoin from Banker Puppet Ben Lawsky

Today, BitPay’s Chief Compliance Officer, Tim Byun, submitted his company’s response to the New York Department of Financial Services’ (NYDFS) proposed regulations for virtual currency businesses, also known as BitLicense. Ben Lawsky, New York’s Superintendent of Financial Services, is spearheading new legislation that would create an unlevel playing field for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The

South African Businessman to Host Goldcoin Conference Series

Just as Goldcoin lead developer, Amir Eslampanah, prepares to unveil his latest client, prominent South African businessman and investor, Jason Swart, announced today that his first Goldcoin conference will be held in the “The Friendly City” of Port Elizabeth. Swart explains why he likes Goldcoin’s potential: As South Africans, I truly believe Goldcoin is something