EBay Following In PayPal’s Footsteps As CEO Teases Bitcoin Integration

With Bitcoin being teased by PayPal in a promotional video, many Bitcoiners all over the world have been waiting and waiting for Bitcoins big break. With the price slowly falling to a halt hovering at $370 for a few weeks, a miracle was needed to give Bitcoin a much needed boost in value. With eBay hinting

Bitcoin Black Friday, Bigger than ever with NewEgg jumping in the boat.

Black friday is the day for relentless buying and selling as the day after thanks giving prompts waves of buyers snapping up millions of deals in a matter of seconds. The 2013 Black Friday was a immensely successful day for Bitcoin as it prompted $million in sales in a matter of hours. Black Friday was

JustCoin Making a Comeback, Relaunching on the 24th of November.

As far as Bitcoin exchanges go the closure of even one can impact the entire market dramatically. With huge volumes of Bitcoins traded daily on exchanges their importance in the infrastructure has been highlighted as of recent years. The closure of one of the most popular exchanges JustCoin sparked fury and sadness, with many sad

A Name Matters: Cryptocurrency Names and Ratings

It has been mentioned before that the success of an alternate cryptocurrency depends on 5 primary things: Good development team and the support of the community. Technical features (total number of coins, fair mining, speed of transactions, etc.). Listing and liquidity on main exchanges (first of all, http://cryptsy.com, the largest, stable and legitimate exchange). Wide

The Currency Most Likely to Challenge Bitcoin for Consumer Adoption

It’s going to happen. Not a single person, not a single thing, has ever managed to stay number-one indefinitely. History has proven this time and time again. Just look at Muhammad Ali, Bill Cosby, or the once dominant search engine AltaVista. They each opened doors, and experienced the sweetness of conquest, but none of them

Get Paid to Live On Bitcoin: The Brawker Experiment That Tests Your Inner Bitcoiner

Bitcoin may be growing by leaps and bounds securing its place in real life industries, but many stereotypes are still plaguing the blossoming currency. Many consider Bitcoin the currency of “tech savvy geeks”, whilst others consider this to be a “flawed” currency, that can’t be spent at many sites and shops. Brawker, an online ecommerce

Weekly Roundup: Crypto Bull Run, Bitcoin Biohacking, and BitPay Bugs

There’s no such thing as a quiet week in crypto, and this week proved to be a smacker. With the focus of the week being the Bitcoin price which has enjoyed a worthwhile rise in value during the middle of the week. Many have been glued to exchanges following every change, on every hour. Bitcoin

BitPay Plagued by System Glitches, Duplicate Deposits, and Faulty Exchange Rates

As the price of Bitcoin climbs past its 30-day high, the popular Bitcoin payment processor, BitPay, is experiencing system-wide failures that include duplicate bank deposits and bugged exchange rates. Earlier this month, some of its merchants received notifications that duplicate deposits were sent out by mistake to customer bank accounts. Client Operations Engineer, Wesley Pitts,

Implantable Bitcoin Wallet the Result of a Biohacking Experiment Paves Way for Future

Bitcoins have been considered the must have currency for tech savvy users, drug dealers and even gamers. As of recently the popularity of Bitcoin has been rising at unprecedented rates doubling tripling even quadrupling users balances in terms of fiat value. This has led to many users who had stored thousands of Bitcoins from the

New York: Bitcoin Antichrist Slated for Return to Hell in 2015

NEW YORK – If Roger Ver is the Bitcoin Jesus, then surely New York Department of Financial Services Superintendent, Benjamin Lawsky, is the Bitcoin antichrist. Fresh off his re-election Tuesday, Governor Cuomo is facing the likelihood of replacing several key staffers as he begins his second term. And in what might be a bullish sign