Blockchain Bug Rocks Bitcoin World, Losses Continue Mounting for Victims

Late last night something went horribly wrong somewhere in the darkness of Bitcoin’s deepest mining wells. A rig drilling for bitcoins incorrectly validated a bad block spawning the creation of a secondary bitcoin blockchain chock-full of fake bitcoins. These vapor coins are worthless and will never become “real bitcoins”, yet many hard working miners are

Sexcoin (SXC) Regains Erection, Begins Humping Crypto Charts

Sexcoin (SXC), an industry-specific cryptocurrency targeting the adult entertainment industry, has miraculously escaped the jaws of death and has begun clawing its way back up the cryptocurrency charts. Earlier this year, it looked like it might be “lights out” for the adult friendly altcoin, however renewed interest from the community, and countless hours of coding

Transmission 39 with I/O Coin discussing I/O Digital, Dions and Proof of Stake

This week on Transmission, Theo Goodman, talks to the I/O Digital team about the motivation behind launching the currency and what the team has planned for the future. I/O Digital Currency (IOC) is an innovative, secure, and user friendly cryptocurrency. IOC works from the POS system ‘Proof of Stake’ using less energy than Bitcoin, which

Bitcoin Addicted File Snatchers Crash BitTorrent’s Copytheft Party

The BitTorrent copytheft party has been gaining steam in recent months with home-run hits such as Popcorntime. These new file-sharing applications make it easier than ever for ordinary folks to freely steal popular movie and music content. But freebie hour might be drawing to a close as a new application surfaces from the depths of

Pita Bread Munchers Could Steal Bitcoins from Public Laptops

Your days of placing PGP encrypted drug orders in public, and paying for those Darknet purchases in Bitcoin, might be numbered. Don’t look now, but there’s a hacker behind you sinking his jaws into a new crypto-robbing pita bread – and he wants your Bitcoin wallet for dessert. Researchers at Tel Aviv University and Israel’s

Matonis: If Bitcoin XT Succeeds You Can Kiss 21 Million Cap Goodbye

Jon Matonis sat down for an interview on Wednesday to clarify his recent statements regarding possible increases to Bitcoin’s 21 million supply cap. He is the Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, former CEO of Hushmail, and a contributor to Forbes and Coindesk. Matonis believes it might be possible to preserve the 21 million bitcoin

CannabisCoin Looks to ‘Get High’ After Block Halving

A special love weed is overtaking the nation as bong puffers the world over begin using crypto to purchase the multi-useful plant medicine. Cannabis is a sacred flowering plant that has been demonized for decades in many western societies. But now the tide is turning, and it seems that much of the irrational resistance to

Bitcoin’s Recent Morph into an Entirely New Animal [In Embryo]

While interest in bitcoin has faded into a near distant memory, in most of our off staring eyes, since the popping of its last impressive bubble, the collapse of Gox, and the ensuing hooblah… beneath the calm, still water of disinterest, something is stirring. Unbeknownst to myself, while I have been tuned out of the

Bitcoin Executive Says 21 Million Cap Increase Inevitable

For those of you that don’t eat, breathe, and sleep cryptocurrency, you might not have been aware that Bitcoin was (until today) thought to have a hard cap on the total number of coins that could be generated. According to the official Bitcoin Wiki, Satoshi’s original plan called for the last Bitcoin to be mined

Cutting Edge Forensic Tool Will Unmask Bitcoin Terrorists and CryptoKiddies

The banking industry couldn’t simply stand around and allow ISIS and other deepweb-rooted characters to prance around willy-nilly making anonymous Bitcoin transactions to fund their drug-fueled enterprises of horror – not if they wanted to fully co-opt and divert the digital currency. Just when it seemed the banking bigwigs would have to give up their