Chunk of Bitcoin Network Being Cut-Off Due to US Regulations

One of the first casualties in the US regulatory war on Bitcoin announced today that it will suspend operations on November 30th, effectively shutting down 5% of the Bitcoin network hashing power. BTC Guild, one of the oldest remaining Bitcoin mining pools, announced today that it would be closing its doors and shuttering its business.

Bitcoin Terrorists to Release Biological Weapon Unless Crypto Ransom Paid

The Spanish Intelligence Agency has intercepted online communications passed between jihadists discussing the weaponization of the Ebola virus, while terrorists in Prague threaten to unleash the deadly virus unless the Czech Republic pays a king’s ransom of one million euros, in Bitcoin. The blackmailers warned that failure to comply with any of their requests would

Bitcoin Foundation: We Don’t Want Everyone Starting a Bitcoin Business

What’s that? You want to start a Bitcoin business but don’t have half a million dollars to become compliant with FinCEN and secure a money transmitter license in each of the 50 states? Well – at least you have the Bitcoin Foundation fighting against excessive regulation and unnecessary oversight. Right? Not exactly. According to foundation

CoinPayments Receives Financing from Newnote Financial

Vancouver-based payment processor,, announced today it has received financing from Newnote Financial Corp. Coinpayments received CAD $100,000.00 plus 1.5 million shares priced at $0.15 cents and 600,000 warrants priced up to $1.00. Newnote received 20% equity in Coinpayments. Coinpayments operates a service similar to Coinbase and Bitpay. Coinpayments differs from its competitors in that

FinCEN Ruling: US Government Ramps Up War on Cryptocurrency

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) today issued two administrative rulings regarding digital currency. And the government has apparently decided to go with the nuclear option. The first ruling published today relates to the application of FinCEN regulations to a virtual currency trading platform, while the second ruling discusses the application of FinCEN regulations to

Crypto Exchange mcxNOW to Begin ‘Shredding’ Customer Wallets

The controversial altcoin exchange mcxNOW has just announced that it will be closing for maintenance November 15th to address problems with the exchange’s wallets. Today, a notice appeared on the company’s homepage saying that customers should withdrawal their coins before the deadline or risk losing them forever. All wallets here will be removed to make

California Man Has Computer Hacked Then Blames Crypto Exchange

California businessman and cryptocurrency trader, Skye Bonow, has decided to file suit against the world’s #1 altcoin exchange, Cryptsy, after having his own personal computer compromised. In court documents filed yesterday in the 15th Judicial Court of Florida, Silver Law Firm alleges that Cryptsy violated the state’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act by failing to Launches First Ever Bitcoin Branded Blackjack Game

Adding to their long list of 200+ HD bitcoin games, has just announced a new bitcoin blackjack table – the first of it’s kind in Bitcoin gaming. Seamless casino experience Players can bet from 1mBTC (roughly 40¢) up to 600mBTC (~$230), playing up to 5 hands at once. The software is built with state

Use Bitcoin to Remotely ‘Rain’ Physical Cash Down Onto Live Strippers

FLORIDA – Tampa based exotic strip club, 2001 Odyssey, is now offering its online customers the ability to remotely release physical cash down onto live strippers, as they dance on the main stage, using Bitcoin. “I think Tampa may be breaking new ground with this,” said Glen Gilmore, a consultant and digital marketing professor at

Confessions of an Undervalued Crypto Currency. (Or) This Shouldn’t Happen to a Doge!

As an experiment back in February 2014, I decided to live off of crypto for as long as I could. Phone, food and other minor necessities. Everything except rent, fuel and insurance for the car was covered. Food was easy, there are all kinds of gift cards for groceries and restaurants out there, via