Money Remittance: Bitcoin’s Main Lifeline

Although there are many ways bitcoin can excel given the advantage that it holds due to its decentralized technology coupled with its low transaction fee, one particular area that stands out which the digital currency can capitalize on is the cross-border money remittance business. According to World Bank latest data obtained in 2015, the business

Insider Secrets to Building a Truly Great Altcoin

Altcoin is basically any other cyptocurrency other than Bitcoin. As bitcoin is an open-source project, most of these altcoins are actually a fork from bitcoin itself except for a few with the codes having written from scratch. Altcoins in the past were seen as a perfect opportunity to be used as a test platform for

Who is Josh Garza and Why On Earth Is He Back?

If you’ve been involved in cryptocurrency longer than a year, you know of GAW Miners. You most likely know of the drama surrounding Josh Garza, who founded the company and proceeded to oversee the “creation” (read: light modification of Peercoin, mostly in such a way that benefited a certain few addresses to the tune of

Bitcoin and Its Obstacle to Become the Common Currency

Gold throughout history of mankind has managed to establish and secure its position as a safe haven and good store of value. Never mind whether it is during war, economic recession or political unrest, gold will always command a certain range and level of demand to be used as a reliable medium of exchange. This

BitPay Co-Founder Jetsets Atlantic as Company Implodes

(ATLANTA) — As the business he co-founded was exploding into a mushroom cloud of pixie dust, BitPay co-founder, Tony Gallippi, was apparently jet-setting across the Atlantic, visiting London, and rapidly burning through company cash. The first signs of trouble at the firm began surfacing on September 16th, as news stories began circulating of a hacking

BREAKING: NeuCoin is Released Into the Wild

It’s public knowledge that I had a rough time pre-ordering Neucoins. It’s also public knowledge that they made it up to me, not only refunding the pittance I had chosen to invest, but opting to give me the Neucoins anyway. On Tuesday I received an e-mail that said: At the time of launch, NeuCoin’s source

Transmission 48 – LZF.COM and Incentivized Trading

This week, Theo talks with LZF (formerly PSCOIN) a new crypto exchange that uses a different model than traditional exchanges. Instead of simple limit orders that can be retracted at any time, at LZF.COM you have to pay a royalty to place a limit order, and this order collects royalties depending on the stake of

Circle Spanks Bitcoin with Account Restrictions, Bitcoin-Free Ads, and Sending Limits

As new rumors begin swirling about possible insider hanky panky at Bitpay, another giant in the industry is wreaking havoc on the Bitcoin community. Circle Internet Financial, a Boston company specializing in global money transfers, has stopped mentioning Bitcoin in its advertising, put an end to instant ACH bitcoin purchases, and severely restricted the amount

How to Avoid Being Fleeced by Scam Coin Developers

One time I had over twenty wallets installed on my computer. I bought coins in the 1 to 500 Satoshi range, waited for them to do something, and sold them, usually too early. Often enough, though, the coins never went anywhere. I won’t start naming names just yet, it’d be unfair to pick on any

Can Proof of Stake Get Potcoin High Again?

I have followed Potcoin since its inception. I was among the first to mine it. I minted a few dozen of the first blocks, using a not-very-powerful Scrypt miner that I had spent a significant sum on. It felt very “easy” to mine, and the price of it was over 600 Satoshi at a time