Greed Stricken Bitcoin Miners Threaten Earth’s Power Grid

There’s a legitimate chance that Satoshi Nakamoto will go down in history as the vanishing psychopath who created a power hungry crypto, big-gulping electricity with abandon, and without a single fragment of environmental muster. I started today with the intention of writing a positive article about bitcoin. But it’s tough to put a loving spin

Bitcoin is Hacker’s Weapon of Choice as Friendfinder Scandal Deepens

It’s a bird, it’s a plane …no, it’s actually another Deepweb Bitcoiner looking to squeeze the juices from his stolen hacker booty. And this cyperpunk doesn’t accept Western Union, if you want these goods you’ll need a new digital money called “Bitcoins.” Users of the Friendfinder adult swinger’s network may have more to fear than

BitcoinTalk Returns to Life, Crucifies Altcoin Community

Today, returned to life after falling victim to another alleged website attack. The popular bitcoin forum had been offline for the last several days. This time the outage was blamed on a social engineering plot orchestrated against its shared Webhost. Back again, hopefully this time for good. — BitcoinTalk (@bitcointalk) May 25, 2015 Bitcointalk

Terrorist Group ISIS Joins Forces with Bitcoin to Finance Expanding Horror

Just when it seemed the horror could grow no deeper, ISIS shows that man’s capacity for cruelty knows no bounds. The terrorist group, famous for posting online videos of beheadings of innocent victims, now takes depravity to new depths: Children have been executed. And as people flee the violence in Syria, a species faces extinction.

Tokyo Bitcoiners Keep Alive Satoshi’s Porn Vision

(Tokyo) — Satoshi Nakamoto, the father of Bitcoin, had a dream back in September, 2010 – that his currency would one day help men the world over secretly purchase online porn without the knowledge of their spouses. “Bitcoin would be convenient for people who don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use the

EXCLUSIVE: InfiniteCoin Loses Developer as Chinese Scoop Up Currency

Infinity is a very attractive concept, and for the Chinese there’s apparently no limit to how much they’ll pay to acquire the volatile cryptocurrency of the same name. Volume on the Chinese exchange Jubi has been “off the charts” accounting for nearly 90% of the currency’s recent volume. The coin has increased in price over

Penn State Professor Predicts Altcoin Will Replace Bitcoin

If Distinguished Professor of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State, John Carroll is correct, emerging alternative currencies like Dogecoin (DOGE) will replace Bitcoin in the near future. According to Dr. Carrol, the only thing missing are some minor design adjustments and tinkering under the hood. He sees Bitcoin as the pioneer paving the way

Breaking: Satoshi Verbally Spanked Bitcoin Pizza Boy

Today, the Bitcoin community celebrated the worst investment in the history of modern man. Five years ago today, a member of the currently offline bitcoin forum bought a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins, a deal currently valued at nearly two and 1/2 million dollars. In May, 2010, early bitcoin enthusiast and programmer Laszlo Hanyecz offered the

Social Engineering Attack Cripples Bitcoin Community

The Bitcoin community lost its voice last night thanks to a social engineering attack on its official community, Reportedly, the site’s ISP was tricked into giving an unauthorized party access to the website. Generally, when we think of bitcoin, we think of an outwardly attack via ransomware against a school or business. Now the

Global Regulatory Conspiracy Will Likely Derail Bitcoin Train

A few hours ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that New York is preparing to unveil fresh Bitcoin licensing rules. This is exactly “NOT” what the doctor ordered. The governments of the world aren’t going to let a mysteriously created cryptocoin threaten sovereignty and their own national currencies. At the same time, elected officials don’t