Bangladesh Prisons Now Accept Bitcoin… Users

According to an article published today in The Telegraph, Bangladesh’s central bank has warned against dealing in Bitcoin, saying anybody caught using the digital currency could face up to 12 years in prison. The Bangladesh Bank, which regulates the country’s banking industry, said it issued the order after reports in local media of Bitcoin activity

Power Company Tip Leads to Bitcoin Mining Raid

Virginia bitcoin enthusiast, Jonas Diener, 37, will avoid jail time for cannabis discovered in his home during a police raid. The home invasion occurred after a power company official tipped off police that the bitcoin miner was using an “incredible” amount of electricity in his home. The employee told law enforcement officials the house was

IRC Freenode Network Hacked

The largest IRC network on the Internet has been hacked and its users passwords possibly compromised according to an alert sent out by its network administrators just moments ago. Freenode is an extremely popular communication tool used by cryptocurrency developers and enthusiasts alike. Earlier today the freenode infra team noticed an anomaly on a single

Mars Cosmonaut Needs Bitcoin for One-Way Flight Home

Mars One candidate, Heidi Hecht, is looking to finance her Mars travel expenses using Bitcoin. Today, on Reddit, she posted a link to her StartJoin fund raising page which features the above video. According to her StartJoin description, Heidi strives to become the first Mars cosmonaut to fund her trip entirely in Bitcoin. If her

Silk Road 2.0 Fighting Massive Cyber Stoning

According to a recent post on the Bitcointalk forum, Silk Road 2.0 is currently attempting to weather the most massive cyber attack in its history. Currently, many of the site’s users are worried the popular drug trading website could go “up in smoke”. The drug market has been down for two days as the IT

Richard Branson: Alternative Currencies Have Bright Future

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, chairman and founder of Virgin Group, said in an interview yesterday that he believes Bitcoin is working and predicted that altcoins could have an even brighter future. I think it is working, and there will be other currencies like it, maybe even better. But in the mean time there’s a big

5 Million Gmail Accounts Hacked And Exposed On Russian Bitcoin Forum

Five million Gmail usernames And passwords may have been hacked and leaked to a Russian bitcoin forum. There is no solid evidence to say that Google Gmail was actually hacked, however sources are reporting that over 60% of the password and username data that was exposed on a Bitcoin forum located in Russia is still

Anonymous Hacker Blackmails Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto

In a flurry of unfolding events, it appears that Satoshi Nakamoto is currently engaged in a battle of control over both his email account and his closely guarded personal identity. Late last night, Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s email address was hacked. The hacker then posted a ransom note on Pastebin saying he would release the

Breaking: Ebay Announces PayPal Bitcoin Integration

In a developing story that is sending shock-waves throughout the entire cryptocurrency industry, today EBay announced that its PayPal unit will begin accepting Bitcoin Payments. The first hint came this morning when PayPal published the YouTube video above touting Bitcoin as a one touch payment option. Then just moments ago, Bill Ready, the chief of

Silk Road Heroin Dealer Sentenced to Six Years

On Friday, one of the first defendants arrested in the Silk Road investigation received his federal prison sentence. Jacob Theodore George IV, who was taken into custody in early 2012 for selling heroin from his Baltimore home, and has spent the past 2 1/2 years in a high-security federal lockup in downtown Baltimore, was sentenced