BitPay Asks for Help in Saving Bitcoin from Banker Puppet Ben Lawsky

Today, BitPay’s Chief Compliance Officer, Tim Byun, submitted his company’s response to the New York Department of Financial Services’ (NYDFS) proposed regulations for virtual currency businesses, also known as BitLicense. Ben Lawsky, New York’s Superintendent of Financial Services, is spearheading new legislation that would create an unlevel playing field for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The

South African Businessman to Host Goldcoin Conference Series

Just as Goldcoin lead developer, Amir Eslampanah, prepares to unveil his latest client, prominent South African businessman and investor, Jason Swart, announced today that his first Goldcoin conference will be held in the “The Friendly City” of Port Elizabeth. Swart explains why he likes Goldcoin’s potential: As South Africans, I truly believe Goldcoin is something

UtilityCoin: Creating an Economy that Will Thrive on Innovation

UtilityCoin is a new Proof of Work (POW) cryptocurrency released on September 26th, 2014. Its mission is to create a revised version of bitcoin, one that takes blockchain technology to the next level, a level that will harness the power of Blockchain 2.0. Innovation has always been the best path to prosperity, especially when it

Service Disruption Hits Popular Altcoin Exchange Cryptsy

The world’s #1 altcoin exchange has suffered a critical failure in a piece of important equipment that helps balance and sync the exchange’s important account data. No coins were lost and all balances are safe and sound. The popular cryptocurrency website has been mostly unreachable since yesterday evening. The first sign of trouble began

Dogecoin Community Shocked as Bizzare Moolah Drama Takes Final Twist

Over the past 48 hours, the Dogecoin community has been on a roller-coaster ride worthy of an ABC Movie of the Week. But just as the bouncing buggy approached its peak, the author of this thrilling narrative, “Alex Green”, decided it was time to get off the ride. Moolah is a European currency exchange, founded

New York Looks to Slap Digital Currency With Death Sentence

Remember the pain and suffering we all experienced when China banned Bitcoin last year? Well, a new form of punishment is on the horizon for Bitcoin thanks to New York’s Superintendent of Financial Services, Benjamin Lawsky. This new artificially imposed homicide might as well be called – Death by Regulation. Imagine walking up to a New

AnyCoin Direct Makes Bitcoin Buying Easy Across Europe

AnyCoin Direct is a Dutch Bitcoin service that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin, plus many other cryptocurrencies, using direct online payment methods like iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, and Mybank. They also offer SEPA bank transfers. Digital currency is gaining in popularity around the globe and finding a reliable service that you can trust is

Why Are There So Many Alternative Cryptocurrencies?

There exist hundreds of alternative coins. Many of these coins are effectively copies of prior released ones with minor specification alterations to source code. As specified in the course of the book I am writing, coins have differing coin supplies, block times, timestamping methods, hashing algorithms and so on. Bitcoin is not classed as an

Vimeo Works to Integrate Bitcoin Payments into VOD

Today, Kevin Sweeney, Director of Engineering at Vimeo, posted on Twitter that the video-sharing website wants to integrate Bitcoin into its payment system and is currently in the process of working through the red tape. BitPay was quick to make a tweet offering its services to the company: Lately, Bitcoin has been on a roll

How Much Joy Can .0003 Cents Buy? Dogecoin and Tipping Culture

I have a faded, early childhood memory of my father explaining the value of money to me on the kitchen floor. I recall, “this is a nickel, this is a dime” he would say. He was always trying to promote some greater concepts to me as an infant. Frighteningly amongst the 1970’s tv commercials and Saturday